Weekly Quiz 2: Where are we?

Round barn VermontLast week’s quiz did not get the level of answers we expected! So, this week, we made it much, much easier. Come on… tell us where is this wonderful renovated round barn. You cannot find many of those around! And we’ll tell you more about them next week, when we explain where this one is.
– it is now a public building,
– it is close to Burlington.

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Answer to last week’s quiz: We were at the corner of Road 73 and road 30 on our way to Mount Independence State Historic site. And the 4 large windows? There are the proof that the building used to be a one-room school, because in the 20s-30s, Vermont passed a law forcing all schools to add 4 large windows to their building for better light. Check around and you’ll notice some of them still used as public buildings or sometimes converted to private residences.