Jan 22

Looking for Guest Bloggers

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deer_575_190If you have a ski resort, an attraction, a restaurant or a quaint little inn and you want to talk about it, or talk about your region, this place is here for you. Just email us your story and we’ll be able to publish it AND we will translate it and post it on the French part of the website! We get hundreds of readers visiting our site daily.

We have started this website a couple of years. There are so much fantastic things to experience in Vermont that it has becomeĀ a little overwhelming to cover it all. And because we love history, we’ve decided to talk more about Vermont history. You can read us at www.kristinsawyer.com.

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Last winter, we shared with you a list of places where you can go dog sledding in Vermont (see our article “Enjoy a Dog Sledding Tour“). Wants to see how fun it is? Check out this video made by Burlington’s Seven Days Magazine. For sure, something WE will add to our list of fun things to do this winter in Vermont!