Jul 25

Harpoon Brewery BBQ competition

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Harpoon Brewery barbecue competitionJuly 25-26, 2009 – It’s the week-end of this very popular annual event, an event we attended last year and really enjoyed: definitely great food, nice beer, nice music, and a nice setting to sit down and enjoy a beer… if the weather cooperates. Enjoy!
See our article from last year:
Harpoon Brewery – BBQ Competition
Harpoon Brewery web page on the event: Harpoon Championships of New England BBQ

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One Response to “Harpoon Brewery BBQ competition”
  1. Kerrie Spinrad says:

    2011 BB Event–My husband and I were so excited to visit the cook off. When we got there, our minds were blown away at the sight of dogs being allowed into the event. We were appauled, speechless, shocked.
    We went for the first time per suggestion by friends, and all around me the black top was frying the pads of these poor animals paws. Okay sure you had water stations and a spritz…REALLY??! that would be fine if everyone could remain there and not visit the event. Unbelieveable!

    I nearly came to blows with a woman who ignored her poor hounds whining and desparte need to find shade. For the love of humanity and common sense…PLEASE PLEASE, I beg of you to not allow people to bring their pets!! Might do too remind these canine abusers it’s illegal to leave your animal in a hot car as well.

    PLEASE…hear me plea, these poor animals need someone to voice for them.
    DON’T ALLOW PETS to this event!

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