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Who Makes the Best Maple Creemee?

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Morse Farm

That is indeed an essential question: who makes the best maple creemee in Vermont?
Essential because you cannot come and visit Vermont without trying a maple creemee. It has to be part of the experience!
The creemee is a soft serve ice cream (also seen spelt creamee or creamie) and people agree that a great maple creemee uses real maple syrup rather than flavoring. Many people say “Morse Farm” on County Road, just outside Montpelier has the best maple creemee, and indeed it’s good… It is one of these little pleasures of life, right after supper to go there for a creemee, sit down in one of their Adirondack chairs, watch the valley and the mountains far into the distance… and if you’re interested, visit their shop and their sugarhouse…
I don’t think that all sugarhouses necessary have great maple creemees though. I have had some with little taste (cheap on the syrup I guess) and on the other hand, I have seen little ordinary soft serve ice cream stands have top-class maple creemees (like Simply Subs on Main Street in Barre… I am hoping they continue to use as much maple syrup as they now do… their creemee is really good…).
One thing for sure is that it seems impossible to declare a winner… you’d need to try them all at the same time and I have not heard yet of such a competition… may be I should make the suggestion to the Harpoon Brewery group… to add a maple creemee competition to their BBQ competition next year
In the meantime, here are some tips from maple creemee lovers on the best place to get one!

  • Maynard’s on rte 100 between Waitsfield and Moretown
  • Bragg Farm, Route 14 North, East Montpelier
  • Strafford Organic Dairy farm
  • Dakin Farm in Ferrisburgh on Route 7

Where is YOUR best place?

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15 Responses to “Who Makes the Best Maple Creemee?”
  1. Nick says:

    Clark’s Sunoco, Williston, VT
    Great Maple Creemee… Also serves Black Rasberry and Mango…
    Worth a trip if you’re heading to Williston…

  2. whats4lunch says:

    Burlington Bay Market & Cafe has decent creemees.

  3. LizzER says:

    Rocky’s in essex jct!

  4. Charlie says:

    Jerico Center Country Store.

  5. lea terhune says:

    The best is at the fair, and year-round at Mobil Short Stop on North Ave, Burlington.

  6. jeremiah says:

    Just had one at a new place in Colchester called The Cafe Window. Hands down one of the best I’ve tried-

  7. Dave on Bike says:

    Creemee Stand on Rt 100 in Wilmington, smoothest and creamiest by far. http://www.creemeestand.com

  8. Kirbster says:

    Burlington Bay Market & Cafe two thumbs up for sure!!!

  9. JOAN says:


  10. zev says:

    there’s this sugarshack just north of ludlow on rt 100… no idea what the address is.

  11. Toni Mauro says:

    Dakin Farm should not even be listed. They have maple frozen yogurt soft serve. I am a died-in-the-wool, grew up with creemee stands, want a real creemee kind of person. As soon as she said “it’s frozen yogurt” I was disappointed. I want the real thing, not a healthy substitute. BTW: If you ever want a really good, as close to your childhood memory as possible, we don’t care about the fat content cone, go to Copenhagen. The Danes still do it right!

  12. Russell Faust says:

    Maple creemees were one of the unforgetable experiences of my Vermont vacation.
    I would love to have the recipe for making them here at home in Maryland.
    Will somewone send it to me? I promise that I will keep it a secret used only for my delight at home.

  13. Vernon Rochlin says:

    The best I’ve had in my 12 years living in Vermont is at Creekhouse Diner at the junction of 107 and 12 in Bethel. Always fresh as served pleasantly.

  14. Jane Miller says:

    My friend and I did a taste test in and around St. Johnsbury VT and out of five places that serve Maple Creemie, ABBI’S ICE CREAM , US 2, Danville, VT. was THE BEST EVER. We can not go by the place without stopping. It’s creamie rich and so maple flavorful.

  15. Larry Sprague says:

    Harbor View General Store in Bomoseen. Wonderful Creemees

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