Jul 11

Weekly Quiz: Where are we?

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One-room schoolThis is our new Friday feature! Every week, we’ll put your knowledge of Vermont to the test. And we hope you’ll have fun with it. We’ll keep track of the number of right answers you each get and on July 4th, 2009, Independence Day but also the day when (most) people believe that Samuel de Champlain discovered Lake Champlain – that’s another story – we will announce the winner. The prize? A mug with the logo of our cute cow!
So, here are the clues for our first weekly quiz:
– This building is in the western part of the state, not far from Lake Champlain,
– It is actually at the corner of the road which leads to one of Vermont State Historic Sites,
– We are not experts in stone, but it seems made of limestone,
– The building is dated 1829,
– And for a bonus point… the 4 side-by-side windows are giving us a clue about its past use and indicates that it has been renovated in the 1920s or 1930s. Such windows can be seen on a number of buildings throughout the state – when you learn to watch for them – most of them now converted to other uses. So… what was the previous function of this building?
And now… good luck to all of you! The answer will be shared in our next Weekly Quiz.
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One Response to “Weekly Quiz: Where are we?”
  1. Patti Anderson says:

    Shelburne Museum round barn

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